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DC/AC Current Clamp Meter
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Humidity/Temperature Meter
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Battery Impedance Tester
CO2 Tester
Light Meter
Loop/PSC Tester
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Power Analyzer
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3 Phase Power Analyzer
Flexible AC Current Clamp
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Luminous Flux Meter
Color Meter
Flexible AC Current Clamp
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AFLEX-6300 Graphic Power Quality Analyzer
Display of Overlapped Voltage and Current Waveform
Maximum Demand(MD in W,KW,MW) with Programable Period
Harmonics Analysis ( V and I ) to the 50th Order
Display of 25 Harmonics in One Screen with Waveform
Display of waveform with Peak Values (512 Samples / Period), Datalogging of 32, 64, 128 or 256 Points/Cycles
Analysis of Total Harmonics Distortion ( % THD-F )
Graphic Phasor Diagram
Programmable PT (1 to 3000) Ratios
Capture 128 Transient Events ( Time + Cycles + Faults ) with Programmable Threshold(%), Can Also be Reviewed in LCD
50000 Records with Programmable Lnterval ( 1 to 6000 seconds)
Output of Waveform, Power Parameters and 50 Harmonics at Command.
Large Dot Matrix LCD Display with Backlight
Optical Isolated RS-232C Interface
Smart Datalogging to save Battery Power for Long-term Monitoring
Built - in Calendar Clock for Data Logging

AFLEX-3003 Flexible VA Harmonics Tester
Power Analysis(3005)

W, KW, H.P.
PF, Phase Angle( Φ )
Energy (WH, KWH)
Dual displays (W+PF, VA+KVAR)
Balanced 3 Φ Power Quality and Swquence
Harmonics Analysis

True RMS( V and A)
3000 A
Non-interrupted Harmonic Analysis ( V and A ) to the 50th Order in % and Magnitude
Analysis of % THD-F and C.F.
Fast Peak Function (33μs and 39μs)
Programmable PT (1 to 250 )ratios
Auto - Power - Off:30 Minutes

Flexible probe , different from normal clamp meter, can pass through obstacles at will and wind many conducting wires simultaneously, max. diameter 170mm

AFLEX-3001/3002 Flexible AC Current Clamp
True RMS
Voltage Measurement(AFLEX 3002 only)
Fast Peak Function(30 μs)
Auto-Power-Off:30 minutes
Flexible probe, diffent from normal clamp meter, can pass through obstacles at will and wind many conductiog wires simultaneously,max.diameter 170mm

AFLEX-3000 Flexible AC Current Probe
Two Current Ranges:300A and 3000A
Two Output Sensitivity(300 mV and 1V), Versatile for Measuring Instrumets
Input Protection UP to 600V
Suitable for Any Electrical System
Wide Bandwidth , Low Phase Shift
Low Battery Indication
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