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DC/AC Current Clamp Meter
Earth/Ground Tester
EMF Tester
Humidity/Temperature Meter
Insulation Tester
Lan Cable Tester
Battery Impedance Tester
CO2 Tester
Light Meter
Loop/PSC Tester
PH Tester
Power Analyzer
Power Clamp Meter
Power Supply/Inverter
Thermometer/Infrared Thermometer
Sound Level Meter
3 Phase Power Analyzer
Flexible AC Current Clamp
Solar Power Meter
Luminous Flux Meter
Color Meter
Identify analysis instrument
Check two objects sample the color difference between color differences Δ (L *, a *, b *) Δ (E * ab, C * ab, H * ab) Δ (Y, x, y) Δ (X, Y , Z) or Δ (Rs, Gs, Bs) color space (L *, a *, b *) (* in C * ab, hab) (Y-, x, y) (X, Y, Z) or (Rs, Gs, Bs) the maximum, minimum and mean value function to allow the error to set the automatic memory function (99), and read features mini-USB PC interface
Three 4-digit LCD display
Lighting, field of view angle:
45 ° / 0 ° - 45 ° illumination / measurement of 0 °
Measurement area:
About f 2mm
Display Mode:
Color difference Δ (L *, a *, b *), Δ (E * ab ab, C, * H * ab), Δ (Y, x, y), Δ (X, Y, Z) or Δ (Rs , Gs, Bs) 
Color space 
(L *, a *, b *), (L *, C * ab, hab), (Y, x, y), (X, Y, and Z) or (Rs, Gs and Bs)
Target color memory:
8 groups, by measuring or key set
Measuring range:
L *: 10 to 100
Measurement conditions: Observation: the CIE 2 ° standard observer lighting: white LED lights
Repeatability: Standard deviation within ΔE * ab 0.5 (measurement conditions: the average measurement of the standard white board)
Measuring the minimum time interval: About 2 seconds
Automatic Data memory and read: 99 sets of
Automatic shutdown: About 3 minutes
Electricity: A 9V battery or DC 9V AC converter input
Battery Life: About 500 measurements in 10 seconds intervals
Operating temperature and humidity: 0 ° C to 40 ° C (32 ° F to 104 ° F); less than 85% relative humidity
Storage temperature and humidity: -10 ° C to 40 ° C (14 ° F to 104 ° F); less than 70% relative humidity
Size: High 172mm x length 118mm x width 46mm
Weight: About 220g
Attachment: Manual, battery, USB cable, CD-ROM software, AC power converter
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